Music Made Me, The Allan Schiller Story - by Allan Schiller

Music Made Me - The Allan Schiller Story

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Chapter Extracts and Sample Pictures/Photographs


CHAPTER ONE: The Road to Moscow. Sample

CHAPTER TWO: Goodbye to Leeds.
Allan leaves Leeds to study with Denis Matthew, and live with his family. He is then introduced to the exciting London concert scene.

CHAPTER THREE: The Boy with the Sheepskin Coat. Sample

CHAPTER FOUR: Practice, Practice, Practice.
Studying in Moscow is tough, but there are many lighter moments to enjoy.

CHAPTER FIVE: Everyday Soviet Life. Sample

CHAPTER SIX: Graduation.
Allan has the opportunity to give concerts in Soviet towns, and also attend the 2nd International Tchaikovsky Concours.

CHAPTER SEVEN: A Roman Interlude.
Life in Rome is a welcome contrast to the pressures of Moscow. Less work, more pleasure.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Forging a Career. Sample

After a successful London debut, and with a full engagements diary, Allan experiences the highs and lows of music societies' hospitality.

CHAPTER TEN: Teaching and Touring. Sample

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Bristol Times.
A change of scene as Allan moves his base to Bristol. Special engagements take him to Balmoral Castle, and then around the world on cruise ships.

CODA: Personnel.

Moscow Concerts Attended (1962-64)

Allan with parents and sister Helen Allan on piano
Allan with parents and sister Helen                         #                         Allan playing piano for some friends
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