Music Made Me, The Allan Schiller Story - by Allan Schiller

Music Made Me - The Allan Schiller Story

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Music Samples from Allan's recordings

TRACK ONE: Frank Bridge Quintet (3rd movement) with the Coull Quartet         Play me

TRACK TWO: Schubert 'Landler' piano duets with John Humphreys         Play me

TRACK THREE: Mozart Piano Concerto No. 20 (3rd movement) with the L.P.O.         Play me

TRACK FOUR: Bloch 'Baal Shem' (3rd movement) with violinist Leonard Friedman         Play me

TRACK FIVE: Sinding 'Rustle of Spring' piano solo         Play me

Please remember that compressed mp3 files are never as good as the originals, thank you.

Allan Schiller Allan on piano
Allan                                                 A young Allan playing piano for some friends
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